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New Home in 5 Steps

It is not easy to find a second home or even a place for a good vacation. It will be a pleasure for us to help you during this process so that you enjoy it.

Your new home in St. Ivan Rilski Hotel & Apartments is just 5 steps away!

  1. Property selection – all apartments available for sale and their unique specifications (floor, area, bedrooms, etc.) can be reviewed in the Real Estate section.
  2. Reservation – valid for 21 calendar days after the reservation deposit is paid.
    • Fill in and send the reservation form or contact one of our sales associates;
    • Within 5 calendar days you need to transfer the deposit to amount of EUR 2,000.
  3. Signing the sales contract – your Sales Executive will prepare two contracts for you: the preliminary sales agreement and the maintenance contract for the Ivan Rilski Hotel & Apartments resort. After signing them and paying in the first instalment, the apartment will be labeled “Sold” to you. The final installment is to be made before signing the title deed.
  4. Title deed – after signing the title deed and you paying in the taxes and fees for it, the notary public will register the title deed with the respective authorities. At this point you officially will become owner of the apartment in Ivan Rilski Hotel & Apartments.
  5. New home in Ivan Rilski Hotel & Apartments – after signing the title deed, you shall be handed over the real estate. From this moment on, you are ready to enjoy your new home in St. Ivan Rilski Hotel & Apartments!

For any further questions, please, don not hesitate to contact us!


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